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Jason Cozzi, Wine Merchant

Cozzi & Boffa is a trading name of Discover Wine Ltd., which has been owned and run by me, Jason Cozzi for the last 12 years. I threw caution to the wind, got out of the comfort zone of a well paid corporate lifestyle and set up my wine business on the back of a fascination of wine and where it really came from. I soon realised that the only way to find the answer to this question was to set out on a journey and explore the vineyards of Europe in search of great wine.  


Itís easy for me to say that I have a passion for wine (like so many independent Merchants often do) but for me itís not just about passion. Knowing something about wine is like taking a never ending journey, at the beginning you think you know something about wine but by the time you are half way through you discover you really knew very little in the beginning! Well I think itís important to realise that no matter how much we think we know about wine there is always something new and exciting to learn every day, if we can just get off the beaten track and allow ourselves to be immersed in the narrative.


My aim is to discover new and emerging winemaking talent from lesser known regions that can often deliver well above their perceived value in terms of the drinking experience and even compete with the great names. I like to think of myself at the cutting edge of wine discovery but I will leave you to decide that after you have tasted some of my wines! I want to expose these special wines to as many wine enthusiasts as I can, who recognise something unique and very individual. It makes life far more interesting and the wine drinking far more enjoyable.


I want to share my wines with a discerning audience who wants to explore the diversity of new terroir from lesser known regions by producers you have never heard of who are using some fantastic varietals you may never have tried before. I do hope you will enjoy the wines (and the journey) as much as I do!   


Jason Cozzi