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Chateau de Juge


This winery is found in the village of Cadillac, South-West of Bordeaux, an area known for producing sweet botrytised wines. The various rivers and streams located nearby are responsible for this reputation. Morning mists rise up off these on cool mornings in late summer and encourage the growth of a fungus called Botrytis Cinerea (noble rot). This causes much of the moisture to be drawn out of the grapes, leaving a very sweet, concentrated juice.


A complex chalky and gravelly soil-structure and the climatic conditions necessary for  the production of great wine can also be found here. The Château du Juge is to be found on the first gentle slopes of the right bank of the Garonne Valley. Vines have been cultivated on this spot for hundreds of years. The name “Juge” reputedly comes from the Latin term “Jugeare”, which means both a “measure of work” and a “fiscal unit” used to calculate the tax on the harvest. 


The domaine is owned and operated by brothers Jacques, Jean and Marc Medeville. The Semillon grape is grown exclusively by this domaine and they are hand-harvested in successive passes as rot develops and fermented and aged in vats for 36 months before bottling. Average production is a little over 1500 cases per vintage. 


Cadillac 2008 (Sweet 37.5cl)
Cadillac 2008 (Sweet 37.5cl)
A round, opulent and sweet pudding wine from South-West France.