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Michele Chiarlo


In the three Piedmont areas where our establishments exist - Langhe, Monferrato and Gavi - they have 110 hectares of vineyard at their disposal. A technical staff, headed by Stefano Chiarlo, handles the running of the vineyards and is entrusted with the task of scrupulously overseeing their cultivation,with the aim of achieving high quality wines while respecting the most exacting ecological criteria. In particular, the following procedures are adhered to: a balanced and rigorous pruning depending on the oenological goals: fungicidal treatments using products with low environmental impact, following the technique of guided pest control meticulous manual exfoliation; turfing between the rows and no use of anti-mould products.


They believe a vineyard located in great terroirs together with a careful and zealous management of are the real "secrets" behind production of the highest quality. Their main aims have always been to have vineyards that are situated only on prestigious hillsides and on focusing most of their efforts on meticulously cultivating them, trying to improve their management year by year. They live by the philosophy of the "Chiarlo style." The Chiarlo style has always been that of producing highly elegant and complex wines, besides their propensity to an excellent longevity, in which are evident the vine's recognisability and terroir of provenance.


“NIVOLE” Moscato d’asti 2011 (Sweet 37.5cl)
“NIVOLE” Moscato d’asti 2011 (Sweet 37.5cl)
This wine will certainly have your guests wanting more. Fresh, luscious and sweet.