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Cantine Salvatore


The Salvatore winery is located in the beautiful hills of Molise, Italy's smallest wine region and specifically in the small town of Ururi. The Winery originated from the strong will of Pasquale Salvatore, to increase the value of his estate and wine products following the tracks of his father Donato and employing the experience of his ancestors. It consists of about 15 hectares of vineyards besides olive groves, fruit groves and various sowable lands.


The vineyards are located at approximately 300 metres above sea level, with very well structured and lightly stony soils and with a very propitious Mediterranean climate. Particular attention is given to the Tintilia grape vineyards: Tintilia is in fact a typical indigenous vine of Molise that is finding a rising interest from wine drinkers and experts not only in Italy but around the world.


Due to its favourable climate and its rich soil, Molise is the natural environment for high quality vineyards. The discovery of archaeological finds dating back to 500 BC and following references in Plinio’s works, during the Roman civilization, bear witness of the first vineyards in Molise in ancient times. Afterwards during the Longobard, Svevian and Aragonese dominations viticultural cultivations are widely distributed and during the 19th century, the “Contado di Molisji” is regarded among the greatest territories dedicated to vine-growing in the north of the Kingdom of Naples. 


The cellar is located in splendid age-old olive groves, near to the town and was built close to an ancient cottage; a share of this cottage has been restructured and holds the winery’s office and a small wine tasting room for guests. The Salvatore Winery makes use of the most modern and efficient winemaking technology to preserve the natural quality of grapes. The Salvatore family are as passionate as they come and with the Tintilia grape variety you will find something not only unique but something delicious too and I urge everyone to try the Rutilia Tintilia red wine.


"DON DONA" Molise Rosso DOC 2008
"DON DONA" Molise Rosso DOC 2008
A big, rich and warming red wine made from 100% Montepulciano grapes that delivers a lovely, round and complex wine.