I do not sell commercially driven wines that are mass-produced and sold in national chains. I buy as much wine as I can direct from the growers, farmers and wine estates and failing that, their legal representatives within the UK. The wines that I import can give me a unique, sometimes rare offering of high quality, handcrafted wines.

My passion, if you like, are “terroir wines” - a French term that has no direct English translation but put another way “wines with origin and expression that reflect the soil, grape variety, exposure to the sun and other natural influences”.

I believe wine has a deep cultural identity and richness spanning the many centuries of human life. The narrative of a wine is deeply embedded in the place where it comes from, its local history, traditions and landscape, not forgetting its people. I think it’s worth reminding ourselves, that no matter how much we think we know about wine there is always something new and exciting to learn every day, if we can just get off the well trodden path and allow ourselves to be immersed in a wines story.

I want to share my wines with a discerning audience who want to explore the diversity that wine offers, it makes life far more interesting and the wine drinking far more enjoyable.

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